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Cette phrase illustre Slack depuis ses débuts en 2005.
Alors que personne n’avait entendu parler de sangle molle, Damien Mercier décida de pousser le slackline vers les projecteurs en créant la marque Slack et le site www.slack.fr, ainsi que la boutique en ligne de slackline. Vous êtes ici sur notre blog.

28 avr. 2010

Slackline Story In Montserrat

The bad slackliners' story of their first and last highline in Montserrat.
An unbelievable story, where apparently monks of monistrol de montserrat thought that we had installed a permanent tightrope cable. They called the police, who called the firemen and the natural park guards, and we had to uninstall this still uncrossed highline, on the second morning with 8 people around us.
They told us that : If we want to setup this highline again, we'll need a permit, and to ask to the monastery office next time (hope that they won't refuse)
We are really sorry for this situation, for highlining freely in the Montserrat massif as well as for having caused unnecessary troubles to the natural park employee, the police and the monks.
Shot in HD with Panasonic camcorder and GoPro HD
Music : Hace Funk - Pelota Funky - Policia ! Tiene un arma
Sponsors : Slack.fr, Mountain Hardwear

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