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All about balance. Tout est une question d'équilibre.
Cette phrase illustre Slack depuis ses débuts en 2005.
Alors que personne n’avait entendu parler de sangle molle, Damien Mercier décida de pousser le slackline vers les projecteurs en créant la marque Slack et le site www.slack.fr, ainsi que la boutique en ligne de slackline. Vous êtes ici sur notre blog.

19 oct. 2007

Slackline Kit - Slack.fr - Pulley Tightnening System - Review by Noah Kaufman

My name is Noah Kaufman.

I began slacklining in 1996 and was amazed by the freedom of balance my brother had on the line. When he showed me how to sit down and stand up for the first time, I knew I had found a very special activity. I have always pushed my limits in rock climbing, so it was easy to start trying to do the same on the slackline. It was different back then, there weren't any slackliners around, and the few who were around mostly just tried to walk across the line. No one saw the potential for slack tricks, and we had no teachers. This was an amazing time of discovery.

As far as I knew, I was the first to do the backflip dismount, the splits on the line and numerous other easier tricks. I went through many phases during the years: highlines, taught lines, loose lines, chains. I walked with Chongo, Dean, Scott Balcom, Matt Wilder and others who were pushing the limits in their own way. It was definitely a high point in my Slacking life to get the First Slack (FS) with Matt Wilder of the 2-person "Crossing the Line" move. It's great to see all these new dedicated slackers taking the lead and doing new tricks and highlines.

Recently I have fallen in love with long sessions. Absorbed in the now, sometimes listening to music, I am enthralled with the awareness and focus that I attain from long mellow sessions in beautiful places such as Yosemite National Park. I love slacklining and will do it as long as I can. I can't wait to see what the future brings for our amazing sport!

Over the years, many companies have sent me lines to try out and I recently had the pleasure of receiving a line from slack.fr. This line is the best set up I have seen. Not only is it professionally manufactured and easy to use, it is also slick: it just looks good. I have taught several classes with this line and the balance is perfect. It seems to make all my tricks easier to perform as well. I'm still trying to figure out why this is, but currently I believe it has to do with the overall quality of materials and construction. I wouldn't buy any other line at this point, it's the best.

Noah Kaufman, MD

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