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All about balance. Tout est une question d'équilibre.
Cette phrase illustre Slack depuis ses débuts en 2005.
Alors que personne n’avait entendu parler de sangle molle, Damien Mercier décida de pousser le slackline vers les projecteurs en créant la marque Slack et le site www.slack.fr, ainsi que la boutique en ligne de slackline. Vous êtes ici sur notre blog.

28 août 2006

A quest for a Highline sport (III)

We found it! Thanks to Mr Verjus from Sallanches for his help. It is 26 meters wide and above 70 meters high.
We went there last sunday to check the rock quality and the distance between our future anchoring points. This week, if the weather is goon enough I will practive a lot on a 30 meters slackline in order to gain a lot of confidence.
Benoua, Jonathan, Cyril are gonna try too. We will see which one of us is gonna to cross it first.

Last week one of my internet guest send me two great pictures of hand stand and split. She was nice to do it. Besides she gave me a link to an amazing video. What a speechless feeling!

I just received the first samples of my new slack collection. I was eager and anxious to get it, now on I am eagering to get the whole production ASAP! On few details need to be improved for my new kits.

While writting this spot I received a satisfied comment from one of my customer! Cool evening.

14 août 2006

A quest for a Highline spot (part II)

Since two days the weather is really bad. No way for hiking. I sent an email to my friends in which I describe the spot I am looking for. Fingers crossed for theirs good ideas.
If it's stop pourring rain today, I will quickly set up a short highline in my parents's garden to train myself to fall.
Saturday, I went to St Jacques's Towers to check them out. I am sure this spot is one of the greatest so far. Nevertheless it seems very complicated to set it up. First of all one must reach their summit after a long climbing. Each climbing way must be fully equipped. My climbing abilities are not good enough to do it solo...I wonder what will think Cyril about it? In my opinion to rig an highline up there might take at least two days.
Let's wait and see!

11 août 2006

A quest for a Highline spot!

I am back to the Alps for some holidyas. It's just a perfect place excepted for the weather...Today, Charles and I went up to the Parmelan. This mountain, above Annecy's lake, has big cliffs. Last year, Cyril and I rigged a highline up just there. It was our first highline set up and it turned out to be not brillant. The choosen spot was not good. We were to close from the cliff edges therefore each fall was a bit dangerous since we could easily hit a rock...

This experience leads me to carefully choose the place. We've just found a good place today or at least what I think to be a good place. I need Cyril advices about rock quality. Tomorrow, we will go to another mountain and look again. I want to find three spots and then return to check each of them with Cyril.

8 août 2006

New International shippment

Here it is! This pallet is heading Norway today. It will arrive early next week. Yesterday, I made all the Export Paper at the Strasbourg Chamber of Commerce. It was long and painfull. In fact, I had to pay for the Certificate of Origine's form as lons a for its stamping (which is an export Visa)...Anyway, I am glad since it's done.
My freight company is Schenker but I might change if I found better price. I am waiting for its driver.
This morning, I received a very nice mail from one of my french customer. He discovered the slack from another customer ( a swedish one) three months ago. it's a small world. Posted by Picasa

7 août 2006

The life of Brian

Charles and I have just finished this master piece! It was hilarious. We watched it in english but thankfully we put the subtitles since it is not easier to understand jokes without all the words...
Ceasar's accent is damn good and I wonder how it has been translated in French.
The final hymn "always look the bright side of life" is still in my mind.
Today, I am struggeling with my accounting. It is not well balanced, 30.34€ are missing. I have more than 500 papers to check if I want to find the solution. It's driving me nut.

I hope to be able to go in Annecy by the end of this week. I really need to find the perfect place to set up a highline. Time is running up, the DVD is not yet start meanwhile the summer season is already ending.

4 août 2006

Working Hard!

I have been working like hell two days in a row. That was nice and effective. I totally finished the news sets of slack and ordered them. Monday one of my supplier will call in order to check all the technical details. I hope there is none!
The last days have been peculiar. I was moody even if everything was going better. For example, I received a mail from a Swedish company which want to become my exclusive distributor. Business is somehow strange since I contacted them nearly 5 months before.
One of my partner crossed a huge gap in Norway. He did a slack walk above a 1000 meters cliffs. I am looking forward to see it.

Tomorrow, I must drive to a recreation center for a slack show. It's far better than staying inside doing computer stuff.

1 août 2006

New kit and final label

Today, I finished three labels. Each of them had to match my next slack generation. I designed two new systems and improved the Easy as long as the Advanced.
I still don't know what will be the name of the new comers. Maybe the "Primitiv" and the "Click"...
The tubular webbing will pass the EN 565 ( European Standardization for Mountaineering Equipment: Tape) moreover it might pass the EN 566 (Mountaineering Equipment : Sling) since it's both a tape and a half sling.
I am hoping to be able to sell the "Primitiv" under 50,00€ (shipping and taxes included). It depends the cost of the EN testing.