3 oct. 2006

Vesoul: 100% free ride

I just passed my WE with some friends in Vesoul. We went to the Festviande 2006. It's contest in which each cattle farmer show his best bull. Of course, this sounds special for a WE journey and it is special, indeed!
To get a fully understanding of it one might want to know where Vesoul is located. Vesoul is the major city of a french "disaster county" the "Haute Saône". Its economy is bad since all the biggest company moved abroad years ago.
From my point of view most of the work comes from farming since this city is not well connected to bigger cities (few trains, bad road, no airport). The sun barely shines through massive grey clouds...To sum up: the whole atmosphear is not appealling.
Nevertheless we med a lot of nice farmers. They are enthousiastics and deeply involved when we asked questions on cattling. They love theirs animals and the good food!

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