26 sept. 2006

Norway: what an awesome country!

I just came back for one my greatest holidays - business trip ever. Thanks to Mitch, Julien, Christian, Tridy and the rafting crew of the Schoa Rafting. We arrived at the train station of Oslo after a long travel. In fact, Ryanair is cheap but it mades the journey longer (nearly 16 hours from Heidelberg-germany to Oslo-norway)...
We took the train to Otta. This city welcomes all the wild water addicted since its river Schoa is perfect to ride!
Mitch and Julien (both french) are working as rafting guide on the river. They live just by the river. Their camp smells a mix in between drying neoprene wets suits, dogs and beers! After some wild raft, we headed to the mountains. No one up there. The feeling is thrilling!
Few days later, Christian welcomed us in Oslo. He managed a great week-end - Horse riding, highlining, partying, hiking, swimming - Thanks a lot! Posted by Picasa

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