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All about balance. Tout est une question d'équilibre.
Cette phrase illustre Slack depuis ses débuts en 2005.
Alors que personne n’avait entendu parler de sangle molle, Damien Mercier décida de pousser le slackline vers les projecteurs en créant la marque Slack et le site www.slack.fr, ainsi que la boutique en ligne de slackline. Vous êtes ici sur notre blog.

4 sept. 2006

Highline attempt - Rigging

Rigging a highline is an Art. There are so few publications on this topic. Every highliner seems to get is own rigging style. Briefly we headed to this one: one webbing and safety rope with the rigging system out of the way Three anchorages points at each side (one for the webbing, one for the safety rope, one for a backup). Thanks to Cyril without whom this rigging would not had been possible.
He checked, cleaned and drilled the anchorages points and then helped me to pass the webbing, as the rope, from one side to another.
Once the line was properly taped and tighted, one of us had to try its security. We had to jump under..Fear was pounding my heart off. Hopefully, Cyril decided to do it first. Thumbs up! You're da man! His jump was scary.
Now, I had to do mine...The time stopped and I was safe under the line.
Soon after I tried to cross the line. 4 attemps headed me into the middle. I was not able to cross it all for one main reason: the security rope, which is taped onto the webbing add a lot of reverb to the webbing. I will finaly tune the whole set up in Strasbourg and next attempt will be the one!Posted by Picasa

1 commentaire:

nada9 a dit…

hey damien!
cooool project!!
i would be eager to see your rigging setup! .. how do you fall?! you catch with your hands, with your leg?
you said you fall in the middle of the line because of the reverb?! i only get reverb on my long lowlines within five meters close to the anchorpoints.
what about the crazy hight? does it effect your performance?