11 août 2006

A quest for a Highline spot!

I am back to the Alps for some holidyas. It's just a perfect place excepted for the weather...Today, Charles and I went up to the Parmelan. This mountain, above Annecy's lake, has big cliffs. Last year, Cyril and I rigged a highline up just there. It was our first highline set up and it turned out to be not brillant. The choosen spot was not good. We were to close from the cliff edges therefore each fall was a bit dangerous since we could easily hit a rock...

This experience leads me to carefully choose the place. We've just found a good place today or at least what I think to be a good place. I need Cyril advices about rock quality. Tomorrow, we will go to another mountain and look again. I want to find three spots and then return to check each of them with Cyril.

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