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All about balance. Tout est une question d'équilibre.
Cette phrase illustre Slack depuis ses débuts en 2005.
Alors que personne n’avait entendu parler de sangle molle, Damien Mercier décida de pousser le slackline vers les projecteurs en créant la marque Slack et le site www.slack.fr, ainsi que la boutique en ligne de slackline. Vous êtes ici sur notre blog.

14 août 2006

A quest for a Highline spot (part II)

Since two days the weather is really bad. No way for hiking. I sent an email to my friends in which I describe the spot I am looking for. Fingers crossed for theirs good ideas.
If it's stop pourring rain today, I will quickly set up a short highline in my parents's garden to train myself to fall.
Saturday, I went to St Jacques's Towers to check them out. I am sure this spot is one of the greatest so far. Nevertheless it seems very complicated to set it up. First of all one must reach their summit after a long climbing. Each climbing way must be fully equipped. My climbing abilities are not good enough to do it solo...I wonder what will think Cyril about it? In my opinion to rig an highline up there might take at least two days.
Let's wait and see!

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