7 août 2006

The life of Brian

Charles and I have just finished this master piece! It was hilarious. We watched it in english but thankfully we put the subtitles since it is not easier to understand jokes without all the words...
Ceasar's accent is damn good and I wonder how it has been translated in French.
The final hymn "always look the bright side of life" is still in my mind.
Today, I am struggeling with my accounting. It is not well balanced, 30.34€ are missing. I have more than 500 papers to check if I want to find the solution. It's driving me nut.

I hope to be able to go in Annecy by the end of this week. I really need to find the perfect place to set up a highline. Time is running up, the DVD is not yet start meanwhile the summer season is already ending.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

The fact is: there were no Monty Pythons movies translated in french at all...and I reckon it's the best thing to do...

Monty Python rules!!

Diablo, futur slackeur lorrain^^

La mollesse a dit…

Welcome to you, Diablo!