31 juil. 2006

Slack label and Lidl trip

I hope you like this label as I do... It will be added at the loop end of each webbing. At front side one can see the "Slack" logo and one the other side one can find various informations concerning the item, such as cleaning instruction, strenght resistency, length, weight and so on.

My first try was a blue label but I figured out that it would not have enough color contrast to catch one's eyes. What do you think about?

Yesterday, I ate a great meal cooked by F.C. She is defintely gifted with food. She mixes everything, adds cream and spices. It seems easy but since I tried I never reached her talent.

Speaking about food, my flatmates and I went to Lidl today. It was crowded with other "cheap" chopper. The atmosphere is bizarre. Always the same products and a lot of new comers.... Once you tried Lidl you're addicted to it...until you get money enough to go elswhere.

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