29 juil. 2006

Freiburg (germany) : a city surrounded by nature

Freiburg is not only the sunniest city of Germany, it´s also its ecologist center. Every inhabitants have a least two bikes - one for the city, the other for the wood- three garbages (glass, paper and others) and eat ethic only.
A huge student community leaves there among which a majority of "veggie-bio-eco-ethic". In France those people belong to the well named : Bobo - BOhemian-BOurgeois - and are mostly educated professionnal with high income. In Germany, at least in Freiburg, this way of life is quite popular in between "poor" student and bourgeoisie.
Everywhere in downtown Freibug is not more than five minutes away from mountains and forests. During summer, people enjoy the river which passes through the city.
Architects are creating energies saving building with solar system and eco material.
The lay back atmosphere of this place entices me a bit more every WE.

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