11 déc. 2006


Pas mal du tout pour une virée express.
Le trajet a été certe long, 14h00, mais le déplacement fut des meilleurs. La marchandise est enfin arrivée et nous avons pu livrer nos clients. Casal Sport était en fête! Ces derniers m'ont convié à une discussion sur l'avenir des slacks dans leur catalogue...Pour tout vous dire, c'est trés prometteur. Je vais de ce pas faire monter les enchères avec décathlon. En gros, je monte le minimum de commande imposé du simple au quintuple. On verra bien!!!

Le lendemain, Charles et moi avons préparé les livraisons vers le Danemark, l'Anglettere et les USA.
Le soir même j'étais convié chez Oisin et Natasha pour son anniversaire. Et quel anniversaire. Bonne ambiance et excellente nourriture! (c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire!).
Samedi soir, rebelotte pour une crémaillère chez Guillaume et Anna! En deux jours mon foie a envoyé le bois.
Dimanche, Marché de Noêl et son vin chaud qui pique...Le WE a été sportif!

15 nov. 2006

Internet Cafe In RodEz

Hello Folks,
I moved to Rodez, a city which is located in the Aveyron. This state belongs to the south od France where people have a singing accent.
I will stay there for nearly three months...The atsmophere is quiet and the life style is relax. This morning I went at the open market to buy some bread and vegetable. A colorful market with a lot of home made product, not expensive, such as goat cheese, ham, pastries...
My office-bedroom-kitchen is not big. I mean, it is small (15 square meter) for a couple. I don't know how long will we manage it well. Currently, we are trying to keep it clean and workable...But it is time consuming. Therefore, we don't want to stay too much inside which is good since it leads us to do many activities.

13 nov. 2006

Délocalisation à Rodez

Fin 2006, tout Loisirs Alternatifs est basé à Strasbourg enfin presque…un bureau-chambre-cuisine-salle de bain a été délocalisé à RodeZ. Ce charmant chez soi de 15m² est peuplé d’un couple qui va tenter un trimestre de cohabitation des plus étroites.
Pour l’instant, il m’aura fallu me connecter au plus vite à internet. Chaque jour sans, aurait été infernale. Je viens juste de me remettre à une bonne vieille connexion RTC à 56kb/s et apprécie cette mémoire vivante de l’internet d’une autre époque.
La RTC c’est la Ford T du réseau. Purée, chaque image se transforme en aventure.

Nul besoin de vous dire, que j’ai d’ores et déjà investit dans de l’ADSL. Reste à savoir si le service proposé sera aussi rapide que les temps de connexion sur la toile.

Fort heureusement cette délocalisation laisse un demi-bureau à Strasbourg. C’est Miloche qui va s’en charger. J’n’arrête pas de le harceler afin de savoir si tout se déroule pour le mieux, si les marchandises arrivent, si les commandes affluent bref un tyran à distance…Quel calme olympien de sa part.

2 nov. 2006

Et une machine à Bartack, et une!

Aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé d'investir dans du lourd. Une machine à coudre de professionnel avec laquelle les coutures des Slacks devraient atteindre la perfection.

Plus de chichi, mes premiers bénéfices viennent d'être investi. Je vais continuer à manger des pâtes encore un peu alors que les slacks vont goûter aux joies de la haute couture.
D'après mes recherches, ma machine est la terreur du bartack (type de couture haute solidité). A priori, la cadence de piqûre est si élevée que la sangle en chauffe!
Hâte de voir les premiers résultats!

Pour les connaisseurs voici les caractéristiques techniques de la bestiole:

Product Name:Electronic bartacking machine HLK-03
Product Type:HLK-03
Product Summary:

HLK-03electronic bartacking machine is a new product manufactured with Mitsubishi licence, which is equipped with Mitsubishi control system and high precise stepping motor. It has 16 bar tacking patterns in memory, but with its optional digital pattern input device, any sewing pattern up to 9999 stitches can be enacted. This product features beautiful stitches, easy operation, wide application and high efficiency and is a must for high quality garment products.

Sewing area
30mm in X-way(Horizontal),30mm in Y-way(Vertical)

Sewing pattern
Max.sewing speed

Speed preset
10steps 200-2500r.p.m.
stitch length

Stitch type
Single needle lockstitch
Enlargement/Reduction ratio
10%-200%Stitch length to be enlarged/reduced by ratio
Slow start mode
4-step speed setting for 1-4 stitches by a special device to be purchased separately

Pattern enlargement/reduction and stitch length
stitch length to be kept or reset with pattem enlargement/reduction by a special device to be purchased separately

Needle bar stroke
Thread take-up lever stroke
Needle size
DP×5 16#(standard)
Presser foot lift
Shuttle hook
X-Y Driving mechanism
Interim or continuous switch among stepping notors,racks and guide rails

type of control box

main motor
XL-554-20Y 220V Eletron speed adjustable motor

30 oct. 2006

PrimitiV Versatile Compact Kit

That's it, I designed and release my new kit for 2007. It is the PrimitiV Versatile Compact Kit (such a name isn'it!).
It is light, affordable and stylish. From my point of view this is the best system for short to middle line (3-10 meters).
With other webbing this primitive tensionning system is not good enough since it allows a small mechanical advantage (3:1). I designed my webbing to fit perfectly with this tensionning system and it works well!
Of course, one cannot rigg long line or overtight small one. Meanwhile this kit is light and compact, one can easily put it everywhere.

25 oct. 2006

Nearly a full week without posting

This week has been very busy. A lot of work and parties. I start to be moody again since I am cooling down...I am not use to feel bored. Currently, I wait the final technical drawing of my double pulleys (the next generation). I will meet my main supplier this WE in Paris.
It is quite funny to meet a professional partner in reality and not only on the phone or by email. I will do my best to not only speack about pulleys and karabiners developments...
We made a huge party on saturday night. In between 50 to 60 persons were there. Our flat was crowded. For the first time, we decided to open three rooms in a row.
Massive space,isn'it?

The following day, we all faced a huge hang over. My mind blurred my ability to think properly. Marcos and I decided to challenge ourselves by a chess game. Afterward, it was not such a clever idea. The game was endless...at least 4 hours.
We finished like this:

I also received my new product a ski cap. Each piece is gonna be unique. It is made by a Lotti from her eco-farm. Every single piece is 100% natural and that's why this ski cap is very ROOTS and get KARMA. I will not make any profit out of it since Karma doesn't mix well with profit.
I love it!

17 oct. 2006

Silly computer

Computer is often stronger than I am. It can stay hours hours driving me nutz. It never shows any kind of disease "no panic, no anger, no pain". I am not a geek, definetly!

Gabcast! Slackline #5 - Arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! stupide machine

I am looking to destroy this silly computer

12 oct. 2006

Cuisine et trésorerie

Gabcast! Slackline #4 - cuisine et trésorerie

Merci à Clairette pour sa canette aux pommes et merde aux banquier pour leurs manques de compréhension..

3 oct. 2006

Vesoul: 100% free ride - part 2

This farmer was very proud of his bull balls and brave enought to took them firmly. It's true, man, they are as impressive as you're dangerous...lol!
This one was glad to explain everything he knew about cattling and good meat. We also tested some piece of red meat. It was testy, juicy and incredibly melting in the mouth.
Three travelers around the "Haute - Saône" (Miloche, Milien and myself...). Posted by Picasa

Vesoul: 100% free ride

I just passed my WE with some friends in Vesoul. We went to the Festviande 2006. It's contest in which each cattle farmer show his best bull. Of course, this sounds special for a WE journey and it is special, indeed!
To get a fully understanding of it one might want to know where Vesoul is located. Vesoul is the major city of a french "disaster county" the "Haute Saône". Its economy is bad since all the biggest company moved abroad years ago.
From my point of view most of the work comes from farming since this city is not well connected to bigger cities (few trains, bad road, no airport). The sun barely shines through massive grey clouds...To sum up: the whole atmosphear is not appealling.
Nevertheless we med a lot of nice farmers. They are enthousiastics and deeply involved when we asked questions on cattling. They love theirs animals and the good food!

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28 sept. 2006

Highline : Oh yeah!

Christian started. It was absolutly sure about his success. He already crossed several time such gap. He is smooth and relax. No fear, no panic just concentration.
First attempt, first sucess.

He also took a return ticket. This side is more dangerous because the cliff's edges are sharp and not so much below. I also tried and I worked it out! Of course, I did not go right away. I had to take several deep breaths and struggle a bit with my mind. After 10 minutes of self discussion, I made the first step. The feeling is incredible, it is so unatural. Your body doesn't like it at first but then when you start to cool down and take control again, it's damn good! Exhilarating! Posted by Picasa

26 sept. 2006

Highline is gonna rock!

David is playing the rabbit slacker.

Tyrid is testing the line. David is taping the security line onto the slackline. Posted by Picasa

Various riding style and a fairy tale's roof

The goofy rider himself!
Paula and her Jolly jumper.
Incredible house lost in the mountain. We had a small but marvellous lunch outside. Posted by Picasa

Norway: what an awesome country!

I just came back for one my greatest holidays - business trip ever. Thanks to Mitch, Julien, Christian, Tridy and the rafting crew of the Schoa Rafting. We arrived at the train station of Oslo after a long travel. In fact, Ryanair is cheap but it mades the journey longer (nearly 16 hours from Heidelberg-germany to Oslo-norway)...
We took the train to Otta. This city welcomes all the wild water addicted since its river Schoa is perfect to ride!
Mitch and Julien (both french) are working as rafting guide on the river. They live just by the river. Their camp smells a mix in between drying neoprene wets suits, dogs and beers! After some wild raft, we headed to the mountains. No one up there. The feeling is thrilling!
Few days later, Christian welcomed us in Oslo. He managed a great week-end - Horse riding, highlining, partying, hiking, swimming - Thanks a lot! Posted by Picasa

14 sept. 2006

Long Slack - highline training -

Ok, now on I am seriously training for my next highline. I rigged a long slack exactly as a highline.
At the anchor point there is 2.50 metres of height.
The slack measures 28 metres and the whole lenght, in between the anchors points, is 30 metres.

I start to be confident on it but my moves are not fluent. The sag is still big.

New Slack collection

Ojala a lot of good news in the small slackline's world. First of them my new collection is producing and the first samples make me proud of it. The quality is definetely there. We reached a new level of finition. Stitches are great!
Soon I will send them at the APACE EC test center in order to get a fully report of their Minimum Break Resistency. They should overpass the average standard.
This endless sling is one of my favourite. Thanks for all my friend whom helped me to choose the right colour! Posted by Picasa

7 sept. 2006

Barbarian Slack Style

What about this picture? Is it not a wonderful mix in between viking and urban culture with a glimpse of slacker style? Few days ago I posted a picture from "Da Slack Team" which in one way is not so far from this one! Posted by Picasa

5 sept. 2006

Highline training

For the next month, I have planned to practice a lot my longline. I taped a rope below in order to get the same feeling as a highline. It also helps me to get a deeper knowledge of the rigging.
I believe that soon enough Charles would try too ;-)

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A meeting in Norway

Tonight right after my highline training at the park, I had a call from Mitch. A Very Famous Menmber of da Slack Team (here above). He is the one whose is menacing me with his knife. Of course is not like this on the real life, he looks more as below:
I am very glad to visite him and Slakkline.no with Paula. It's gonna rock! Currently, he is a rafting guide on the Schoa River. That's sound good to me. Posted by Picasa

4 sept. 2006

Highline attempt - Rigging

Rigging a highline is an Art. There are so few publications on this topic. Every highliner seems to get is own rigging style. Briefly we headed to this one: one webbing and safety rope with the rigging system out of the way Three anchorages points at each side (one for the webbing, one for the safety rope, one for a backup). Thanks to Cyril without whom this rigging would not had been possible.
He checked, cleaned and drilled the anchorages points and then helped me to pass the webbing, as the rope, from one side to another.
Once the line was properly taped and tighted, one of us had to try its security. We had to jump under..Fear was pounding my heart off. Hopefully, Cyril decided to do it first. Thumbs up! You're da man! His jump was scary.
Now, I had to do mine...The time stopped and I was safe under the line.
Soon after I tried to cross the line. 4 attemps headed me into the middle. I was not able to cross it all for one main reason: the security rope, which is taped onto the webbing add a lot of reverb to the webbing. I will finaly tune the whole set up in Strasbourg and next attempt will be the one!Posted by Picasa